What is SEO? Why these three letters change everything

What is SEO? Why these three letters change everything

Posted by Ievgen Krutov on 16 Mar 2015


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is essential for contemporary websites to have well-done SEO. If a company, an entrepreneur or a single person want to attract as much as possible people to their website, it has to be optimized so that search engines, especially Google,  could find it and rate on the top in search results.


What is SEO?

Every website consists of whole bunch of tags and codes in order to look and function properly. The SEO tags have their specific function to introduce themselves to search engines and give them a good reason to get highly rated. The search engines have their own software programs that they use in algorithmic way to analyze, copy and store webpages and create their own indexes. Therefore, a website should have everything that can be read and accepted by search engines. When a word or phrase is entered in a search line, the search engine uses its index to sort and determine the most relevant answers. Its programs start to search for this word in titles, tags and other places that are there, always waiting to be looked for.  These programs are often referred to as bots, robots, crawlers and spiders. They are the “workers” that retrieve information for search engines and let them pick up only about a thousand webpages, sometimes, out of millions possible results.

“Keywords” is another essential term in search engine optimization. There is no much of a reason to place a website in the internet without keywords. Every word always has something related to it. If a website is about shoes for sale, it wouldn’t be enough just to include the word “shoes” into keywords, although it would already give a major idea about the content of the website. However, some specifications would be much more effective in revealing itself to researchers. In this specific example, there can also be words to specify about the type of shoes, place where one can buy them, attractive price, etc. All search engines keep track of webpages in indexes based on keywords. They do not store millions of pages in one database.

There are also several types of Meta Tags that can improve Search Engine Optimization. Every page on a website should have a title to it. Meta Tag Title appears at the top of a browser when it’s loaded. When the search results are shown, the Tag Title shows the webpage listing that is there to persuade a user to click on it.

The Robots Tag is used to allow search engines to crawl a website for indexing. By a preference, this tag can be blocked which will result in absence on a search results page.

Meta Description Tag is mostly used for commercial. This tag would often have a company slogan. Otherwise, it can be just a short, major description of whatever it is to present on the website.

Often websites contain links to other websites or mention brands. Usually those webpages and brands have relation to the content of the linking site. It is beneficial for SEO to acquire more links and mentions between websites as spiders record them and send to the server where they are analyzed in order to determine rankings.


Why is SEO important?

Today, websites are very important in a successful business. Although it is not always for a business as such, it is likely that all owners want their websites to be found by people. The number of websites is constantly growing with a huge rate. It becomes harder and harder for the brand new websites to compete with others, more settled and promoted ones. This is why the high quality service of search engine optimization is in a big value. However, even best optimized website will fail in gaining its audience if it does not give what people want (bad product or service quality, unrelated information, hard to navigate, etc.) In addition, website owners should realize that SEO does not give any results instantly. It takes some time to make some obvious affection. So, it is better to take care of a good SEO Dubai company as soon as possible in order not to lose much time, because as we know – time is money.

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