How to create a website?

How to create a website?

Posted by Aliaksandr Pantsarny on 26 Mar 2015


How do people usually create websites?

So, if you have an idea, purpose, and you know what information you are going to present on this website, the process is as follows:

On the first stage the design and total look of the website is thought over, which means that you make its design and appearance. Often website design is painted in a special program such as Adobe Photoshop, and then later this scheme will become the basis for further work on the website. This means that you should learn to draw and study design programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, which are often used to create a website design. It is one of the first steps of learning how to make your own websites. However, in order to create a simple website it is not required. Website design is painted in Adobe Photoshop when you want to make a complex and beautifully designed site with lots of graphics and so on and so forth. A site with a simple design and a small amount of graphics can be created, starting from the second step.


In the second stage the layout of the site and creating html-pages or html-template is done. What is the layout? Layout is the process of placing different elements on a page: text, graphics, etc. so that it all looked as intended by the designer, who makesd a website design. If you have a simple website, you can just start with creating html-pages (but for complex websites make design first, and then the layout for convenience) without making the design. This second stage is probably the most important. Html page is the foundation of any site, and to make your own website, you must write a page for this site in html language. How to develope the html-page? You can do this in two main ways: either to write html-code and it can be done even in the "Notepad" or make the site with the help of visual programs for building sites, for example, the Dreamweaver editor. To make the site in a "Notepad", you need to learn the html language very well. To make it in visual editor, the detailed knowledge of html is not necessary, but still some knowledge of its foundations is desirable. Actually, you can create an html-page even in "Microsoft Word", which is familiar almost to everyone, by creating a new document of the appropriate type, but the code page created in "Word" is very suboptimal, so it is better to use special editors for the websites creating.


On the third stage of the website creation, programming is being made. It is not necessary but it is needed if you want to make the interactive site, add a variety of interesting features, such as polls, forums, chats and so on. To program these cool features, you need to explore the web programming languages. Code of the programs is almost always written line by line, in the form of text in the same "Notepad" or a more advanced editor. Of course, if you have not specifically studied programming, to write your own scripts (meaning the program for the site) can be a little tricky, but in most cases you can do much easier: to find ready-made scripts (there are lots of them, with various topics and styles) and attach them to your site.


In fact, after these three stages the website is ready. However, the website still needs to be placed in the Internet, and for this you need to come up with a website name and find hosting (a place to put the site in the Internet). There are different types of hosting, including free and paid ones.

However, choosing hosting for your website and placing it on the hosting is still not enough. So that the website visitors began to come, it is necessary to do SEO or, as they say, Search Engine Optimization. Topic about how to attract visitors to your site is very interesting and long. Read more about what is seo in our review article.

References to review articles on all stages of creating your own website are given. To learn about this entire staff: Web design, html language, web programming, and so on and so forth, not only in general terms, but also in the details, read different guides, textbooks, tutorials, etc., which are presented in the relevant sections of our website.


How to create a website on your own. Quickly

How to build your own website quickly if you do not want to delve into the intricacies of long html language, web programming, web design in Adobe Photoshop and so on? It is not too complicated. To do this, you can take a ready-made template and slightly edit it, and to get your own website with a similar to another site design and your own unique content. There are many ready-made templates for websites on a variety of topics in the Internet. In order to build a website based on the template, you do not need an excellent knowledge of html, page layout principles, etc., you will only have to insert appropriate names for menu items and text to the right places of the template. Some templates for websites can be found, for example, on the templates page of our site. Having edited ready template and having created your site on its base, you can immediately upload it to your hosting and it will work.

In addition, you can make a website similar to any other site that you find on the Internet. To do this, just save the page you liked in browser using "Save As ...", and then open a saved page, for example, in the Dreamweaver editor, and start editing it. However, keep in mind that a complete copy of another design of the site is not a good idea for different reasons.


How to make a website on your own. Very quickly

Well, the last. How to make a website not just quickly, but extremely quickly? To do this, use a CMS or website builder. Website builders based on predefined templates for people who do not know anything about creating websites are provided by some free hosting websites. Nothing can be easier than creation of the websites in these builders, you will need just to select a template, insert some text, and the page or a couple of pages are ready!

You can also easily create your own website on any hosting, supporting scripts, by CMS installation. CMS is a Content Management System of a website. CMS allows you to customize and edit the site online. There are different types of CMS, from simple, providing only the most essential functions such as adding pages and editing their contents, to the complex ones, allowing adding photo gallery, online store, social networking and other complex components to the website.

Most CMS can be set for one minute, and your site, however, still empty and with no information, will be ready. Then you can easily make pages on this site, insert text, images, and so on. And for this you do not need absolutely any expertise in Html knowledge and skills to use special editors for creating websites, such as Dreamweaver. If you know how to use at least the Word editor, then creation of a page on your site using CMS is not difficult for you. Couple of the most convenient and popular CMS are, for example, Wordpress and Joomla.

While installing CMS, you get a site with a standard set of functions and standard design, which will be the reason for your site to look like many other sites, made with the help of the same CMS. Still, if desired, the situation can be corrected. There are many templates and add-on modules, allowing modifying the design and adding some missing features to popular CMS. In addition, you can make your own original design or write a module that provides the missing feature even for the site on CMS, though it can be quite difficult.

One of the simplest solutions for quick creation of the site will be choosing of hosting with the preinstalled CMS. Here you do not have to look for and download any files; CMS can be easily installed with the click of a button from the hosting control panel.


Let's sum up.

Creation of the website from scratch on your own (of course if you want to make it beautiful and challenging) is a rather laborious process that requires knowledge of html and css, web programming languages, ability to work with graphic editors and other programs for creating websites. However, having chosen this path, you can make a website like no one else has, that will fully meet all your ideas. While using the CMS and website builder, you can get almost ready website, which will not require any special knowledge and skills very quickly, but such a simple and quick to make site will have a standard set of options and features and design, similar to the design of other websites.

You should choose CMS website creation, if it is necessary to create the website with complex functionality, because writing your own script, for example for the eCommerce website, from scratch can take a very long time. In such cases it is usually better to use ready-made solutions.

And if you are not ready to create a website for yourself, our studio is always happy to help you in this

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