The FBI has been emailing users of the defunct cryptocurrency exchange.

In 2017, John McAfee, the antivirus magnate, got a little caught up in Bitcoin's hype cycle.

Dodgy Google Chrome extension reportedly causes $16K crypto theft.

1 Jan 2020.

chrome extension caught stealing crypto wallet private keys A Google Chrome.

A Google Chrome extension named Shitcoin Wallet is stealing.

According to an introductory blog post, Shitcoin Wallet lets users manage.

16/04/2020  · Google has removed 49 Chrome extensions masquerading as legitimate crypto wallets including Ledger, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask and Jaxx, according to MyCrypto’s Harry Denley.

06/03/2020  · The Google Chrome browser has turned out to be a one-stop tool for imposters to deliver, promote, and execute fake extensions mostly on cryptocurrency wallets, perhaps, in order to access and steal the funds of unsuspecting people.

05/09/2018  ·, the popular file sharing service is having a bad day.Recently, the company’s Google Chrome browser extension was infected by a malicious code.The code allowed hackers to steal usernames, passwords, and private cryptocurrency keys. This is alarming news because is a major file share service across the globe. The malicious code was found in the source code of the extension.

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2 Jan 2020.

If you are using a Google Chrome extension called Shitcoin Wallet then.

Let's take a look at which news caught our eyes this week.

The extension has been found to have malicious code that steals private keys and credentials.

code when users navigate to five well-known and popular cryptocurrency.

A malicious Chrome extension is targeting owners of Ledger cryptocurrency wallets, Harry Denley, Director of Security at the MyCrypto platform, discovered today. Ledger wallets are small hardware devices that can be used to store the private keys (passwords) needed to access cryptocurrency accounts. These wallets support multiple cryptocurrency formats and provide a way for users [.


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6 Mar 2020.

The potentially malicious Chrome extension caught stealing Ledger wallet.

on another device and gain access to the victim's cryptocurrency.

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