Things almost never go according to plan so why plan in the first place!

Learn a simple yet effective way to plan… Plan Backwards

Planning gives your train a track, without it your life will be a wreck


The challenge with planning is that it’s a bit of a headache and things rarely ever go according to plan due to many variables changing all the time which demotivates us from planning in the first place.

On the other hand imagine a train without tracks… your life is the train and the plan is the track; without it your life will surely end up being a wreck. Its better to have a plan that changes than not to have a plan at all.

So there is no way around it… Winston Churchill said it best “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

The good news is in this episode I will share with you the simplest method to help you efficiently and effectively plan with the least amount of effort, I developed this methodology when I used to run multimillion dollar events and then started applying it to smaller projects so it works for any area of your life and the simplest way I can describe it is to “Plan Backwards

So make the first step of your plan to watch this episode and then share it and spread the love.

Live Passionately
Moustafa Hamwi


Hello everyone and welcome back to ‘Passion Sundays’! The best way to end the week and start another.

A regular question I get from our passion community is about planning. Do we really have to plan and why don’t we just get on with things and do it? I mean who likes planning? It takes you so much time, gives you headache thinking about details, and things rarely ever go according to plan, because of many variables. And the best way I can answer this to you is with what Winston Churchill said, ”If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Think about it. Can you imagine a train going straight without tracks? Well planning gives your train tracks to go on. If you do not have a plan you are probably waiting to get lucky and most probably life takes over and I bet this is what’s been happening to you. That’s why today I am going to teach you a very effective and efficient and simple way to plan. So go ahead, grab a pen and paper and the first thing you have to do is be very specific on the goal that you are trying to achieve. That’s obviously something you have to do always. So once you write the goal on top, write the deadline for achieving that goal.


Now here’s where the magic starts, all you have to do is design 7 to 10 milestones that will get you to that goal. And the best way to do that is working it backwards, by asking yourself a question. “What is the immediate step that I have to take or the goal that I have to achieve right before I reach my ultimate goal”? So let’s take going to the gym or working out for example. So if your ultimate goal is to workout then what is the immediate step before that is actually getting to the gym? And for you to the get to the gym, what is the immediate step before that is, you either have to get in the car or order a cab. Now for you to get in the car or order a cab, what is the immediate step before that is for you to get dressed & get ready. Now what is the immediate step before you getting dressed or getting ready? Is simply getting off the couch. Now you know where the magic happens? All you have to do is take action on the first step, and naturally all the other steps will end up flowing after each other. So the minute you get off the couch, you get dressed, you get in the car, you get to the gym, you warm up and next thing you know, you have achieved your plan. Simple! Beautiful!


Now I know the system sounds like it’s a bit too simple, especially with an example like work out, but I promise you it equally works with very complex situations. Remember, simplicity is the way to genius. This is a system that I have developed when I was running complex multi-million dollar events and it worked as efficient. If you apply the system, you will get results and when you get results you start falling in love with planning. It’s that simple, and when you’ve got a plan, you achieve your goals.


I hope you found this episode useful on helping you live a passionate & engaging life. As I wrap up, I will leave you with one take away to tweet and remember:


“It’s hard to stay on track when you’ve got no rails and your rails are your plan”.


What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion. How do you plan what tools do you use and how do you stay on track with your plan? Please share your opinion with our community and if you would like to stay engaged, subscribe to our social media channels. And if you have any questions, I would love to answer them. If you want even more valuable interviews and tips and tricks, then go to & subscribe to our passion Sundays Newsletter.  Until the next episode, live passionately.




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