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Hi there, i’m Moustafa and this is my story

I have always believed in being passionate and living a life to die for, everything i do i do full heartedly in a non compromising manner, after all you only have one life to live so what are you waiting for!


I started my career in Dubai as telesales operator working my way to multinational corporations; and then starting several entrepreneurial startups that crossed 15M USD turnover with 45 employees in less than 4 years during which i was heavily involved in the nightlife scene, that life got me stressed, depressed and anxious and this was the beginning of my journey into personal development.


I moved into consulting for Abu Dhabi government on the world’s largest inaugural science festival with over 100,000 family members yet i was still feeling empty and that triggered a one way ticket to India where i spent time in the Himalayas with a swami who has been meditating in caves for 13 years; but it was discovering by coincidence that i had a “medically non curable” disease of which i healed naturally through a mixture of raw vegan diet, weeks of extensive meditation, energy healing and focus techniques among many other things.


Those incidents changed my life and woke me up to answer the questions:


If this was it…did my life matter?
What difference have i made to this world?
Did I fully live what was truly meaningful to me?
Did i do the best i can with all what i had?


The answer was simply NO on all accounts and this triggered the beginning of my journey seek a fulfilling life worth dying for… such a life is a balance of heart & mind, fun &business… PASSION & PURPOSE!


At heart we all want to live a passionate life and leave this planet in a better shape than when we found it so when our day comes we know it was a life worth dying for, its just that we need support in making it happen, and this has become my mission: Bring Passion & Purpose To Life…
Passion is how the most advanced city in the world sprung from the desert sands of Dubai in less than 10 years.
Passion is how Steve jobs put a dent in the universe.
Passion is how Richard Branson started an empire and now wants to go to space.
Passion is how Einstein made discoveries that changed the world.
And for that matter Passion is how any major impact ever happen on this planet , and once you are passionate and fulfilled you will find your self overflowing with abidance that will impact the world positivity! So if there is any thing that will make the world a better place it is PASSION…


Of course going on a journey to India and saying some sweet words is not enough to qualify me in providing you professional support so i invested an enormous amount of time and money, and still do every month, into getting all relevant qualifications & experiences that will further enable me in helping you on your journey whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate leader as i simply deal with people and work on their minds to remain inspired, passionate and focused.


Below some of my relevant qualifications & experiences (there is a lot more that i don’t list, I’m simply an addict to learning & growth techniques).

The Passion Guy

Moustafa is known globally as The Passion Guy due to his amazing success in launching platforms that are empowering people to work & live passionately including a series of Passion Talks; and Passion Sundays the leading online passion & happiness talk show.


He was featured with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, World’s #1 Leadership Thinker, on the blog of Thinkers50 which is the world's most prestigious ranking of the top 50 management thinkers alive.


Moustafa has interviewed over 50 global leaders, sports champions, award winning artists and celebrities diving deep into their interpretation of passion and its impact on all aspects of success in business and life including: leadership, innovation, employee engagement, performance and quality of life. He uses uses this first of its kind world-class knowledge to deliver powerful insights and global best practices enabling leaders, organizations and government agencies to gain a sustainable advantage through passion and happiness.


• Certified Coach Marshall Goldsmith SCC
• Certified CPD Sherpa Executive Coach ®
• Certified in coaching for High Performance, ISM Dubai
• Certified in Hypnosis - American Board of Hypnosis
• Certified in Neuro-Linguist Programming Practitioner- American Board of NLP & Association of NLP
• Certified Timeline Therapy Practitioner
• Certified in Emotional Intelligence, ISM Dubai
• Certified in Bullet Proof Problem Solving Skills, Technology Development Committee
• Certified Lead Auditor, British Standards Institute
• Certified Journey Practitioner ® method by Brandon Bayes (cancer healing meditation system)
• Certified Strategic Business Planning, ISM Dubai
• Certified in Finance and Accounting, Queens School Of Business, Executive Development Centre
• Certified in Negotiations Master class, ISM Dubai


• Experienced in Osho Meditations
• Experienced in Demartini Method® by Dr. John Demartini of “The Secret”
• Experienced in several energy healing modalities
• Experienced in Vipassanā - Ancient mindfulness meditation technique

Board Roles

• Founding Board Member of the Middle East Professional Speakers Association
• Founding Board Member of the International Special Events Society - Middle East Chapter

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