SEO - Search Engine Optimization in Dubai with Guarantees

Optimizing your website usually drives more conversions than any other promotional activity. It’s a big investment, but it pays off in a long run. Evolve as quickly as search engine marketing does – this is easy when a reliable web company is ready to help. Our SEO and development services are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other UAE cities. Web business knows no boundaries.

Perhaps you know that common SEO Dubai specialists charge a lot but guarantee little. However, this is not the case with a service like BetterWeb Solutions that is really investing in reputation. And here is the guarantee behind our bold words.

Guaranteed SEO results in Dubai and Worldwide? In your pocket

We guarantee that 40%  of your site’s keywords will get in top 10 of Google SERP in several moths. Specifically, it takes us 1-2 months to get your website into Google’s top for long-tail queries and up to 6 month to use the highest ranking keywords for this. A significant position by middle-ranking keywords is likely to be achieved in 3 months. If these results are not achieved within the estimated time, we’ll continue search engine optimization with no extra payment until you get the results that were promised.

Full cycle of Search Engine Optimization  services

You can get here complex solutions for every single case. This means that we assist you with on-site and off-site optimization at every step of site’s life cycle, from its launch or audit and until the domain name expires. The services you can get from our Dubai-based company include but are not limited to:

  • Content and SEO audit
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword targeting in close interaction with you
  • Setup of robots.txt file
  • Research of link popularity
  • Link building strategy and its implementation
  • Content writing and re-writing
  • Optimizing your code
  • Monthly ranking reports
  • Possible re-optimization

Keeping your target in mind

Like many SEO folks, we know that it’s not enough to reach Google’s top or just rank high for the keywords of high competition. You need the SEO-generated traffic to convert. And this is where our magic starts. You see, the traffic we attract to your website needs to bear the conversional potential. The experts of Better Web Solutions work hard to attract relevant visitors.


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