Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO promotion is a range of work in advertising of your website on the Internet.
However, in our case, it rather describes how your site hits the TOP-10 Google.
Search term - is a keyword or key phrase entered by a user into search bar on Google or other search engines to find relevant information, service or product. E.g.: "seo dubai"
What we gonna do
  • Create a semantic core

    Choose relevant search terms and landing page analysis.

  • Content Optimization

    Change website content to increase relevance score to respective search term.

  • Work on meta tags

    Prepare and add/amend meta information, headings, alternative texts, etc.

  • Work with robots.txt file

    Add rules for each search engine. Add indexing rules, disallowing duplicate pages. Add mandatory directives such as host, sitemap url, etc.

  • Create website's sitemap (sitemap.xml)

    Create sitemap for faster indexing of whole website content.

  • Internal linking

    Link all website pages to increase usability score.

  • Usability and Interface improvements

    Easy to use and intuitive interface increases conversion rate.

  • Choose appropriate landing pages

    The page that will be shown when a user finds your website through search engine.

  • Copyrighting

    Write unique SEO-oriented texts that will impact on better website ranking.

  • Register your website on Google Webmaster

    Add your website to the webmasters' utility and make required setup.

  • Add micro-data information

    Add contact details to Google Maps.

  • Link-building

    Increase relevant links pointing to optimized pages.

  • Registration in catalogs

    Post information about the website on relevant catalogs.

  • Competitors' website analysis

    Analyzing competitors' website can help to reduce the cost of SEO and prepare an appropriate promotion strategy.

  • Buy link mass

    This part of the job is one of the most important. Search engines rank websites based on links leading to the website. 

What is the time frame for the promotion?

It takes approximately 3-5 month to bring 10%-40% of the queries to the TOP 10.

And around 5-7 months to bring 40-80% of the queries in the TOP 10.

    • 20+ key-phrases

      from AED 2,499 mo
      • No Setup Fee
      • No Extra Charges
      • 6 Written Articles
      • Weekly Reports
    • 40+ key-phrases

      from AED 3,999 mo
      • No Setup Fee
      • No Extra Charges
      • 12 Written Articles
      • Weekly Reports
    • 80+ key-phrases

      from AED 7,099 mo
      • No Setup Fee
      • No Extra Charges
      • 25 Written Articles
      • Weekly Reports
What impacts on the price?
  • Competition and Region

    High frequency of the queries and their competition in your business segment is one of the main criteria for the evaluation of time needed to bring the queries to the TOP 10 in search engines.

  • Count of optimized keywords

    Price increases depending on keywords' search volume and competition rate.

  • The readiness of your website for promotion

    Any site which is planned to be promoted, needs to be checked and prepared for promotion.

  • The age of your domain

    Search engines rely on "old" sites significantly more than on the new "yesterday" registered domains.

  • Internal optimization

    The quality optimization of the scripts, meta tags, images, the speed of the website, html-code.

  • Google keeps improving

    Search engines constantly improve their algorithms. This leads to constant improvements of the website and optimization of the internal code and site content.

We've increased their sales
  • Client:

Vanila Wedding Boutique - VANILA wedding boutique was created with the idea to offer a bride the ultimate in choice and style using contemporary and classic design. Boutique has a vast variety of wedding gowns and an array of bridal accessories all in the comfort of private fitting rooms.

GOAL: getting new leads and increasing organic traffic from Google Search.

Organic search traffic increased x2 times
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We love what we do

Good to know

The time needed to index the link mass by a search engine is the basic parameter. This depends solely on search engines and the speed of search engine "robots".

You believe that SEO is an expensive type of promotion? Let's compare it with outdoor advertising.
The minimum cost of renting advertising media is AED 40,000/month.
  • Coverage - one street and one city.
  • Audience - the majority is not the target audience. They are the same people every day.
  • Expenses - payment for the accommodation, billboard design and printing.
  • Information type - static information without the possibility of updates.
Cost of SEO
from AED 1,999/month
  • Coverage - all the streets, all cities!
  • Audience - 100% coverage of the target audience. 80% of new visitors daily.
  • Expenses - no additional costs (our articles do not fade in the sun).
  • Information type - regularly updated information and always relevant prices.
How to choose the right SEO company? Pay your attention to the following points:
  1. First and foremost, while selecting a SEO company you should pay attention to the guarantees they offer. Find out whether they guarantee some results, for example, to raise your website's ranking on the first page of Google.
  2. Secondly, find out whether the company is ready to answer all your questions and dispel your all your doubts, offering information about their search engine optimization. If the company hides its promotion methods and not ready to answer your questions, it means that they do their job poorly or use some methods that do not comply with the essential rules of search engines.
  3. Learn some basic aspects of SEO, such as what it is, how it works and what realistic results can be achieved. This will give you some basic knowledge of the SEO campaign that you have ordered as a customer and you will be able to assess its progress yourself.
  4. Ask a company to show you the customers’ feedback, in addition to information exposed on their official website. Search for responses in the Internet by typing the company’s name into a search engine bar.
  5. Before a final decision, have a look at a SEO company’s portfolio. Study their implemented and current projects. Using a search engine and and various rankings, check whether the information is reliable.
  6. Promotion is not magic, it cannot be finalized within one night or with the help of slight modifications. It requires some knowledge and investigations. Companies, which promise to promote your website for a small amount of money, just cheat you.
In any case!
Insist that the chosen company should show a list of at least 5 sites in the TOP 10 on high-demand at the moment. If the company is unable to provide the information and confirm that the data provided are the result of their activities, there is a high probability that you have faced with crooks. In this case, you risk wasting time, energy, nerves and pouring money down the drain.
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    SEO is similar to renting a billboard on the road. While you pay the rent, your advertisement is there and it works. As soon as you stop paying, your place on the billboard is taken by the poster of another company.
    Therefore the main goal of SEO is to keep the site in TOP 10. Once the work on the promotion of the site is terminated, your place in the top is taken by your competitor.

  • How much does SEO promotion cost?

    The cost of SEO-promotion depends on the current position of the website, the quality of its search engine optimization, the level of the competitiveness of your search queries and their number.

  • How quickly will my site reach the first place?

    The time needed to get to the Top depends on many different factors.
    The time needed to index the link mass by a search engine is the basic parameter. This depends solely on search engines and the speed of search engine "robots", and also on the quality of the internal optimization of the site, the uniqueness of its content, the age of the domain name, and much more.
    As soon as the site meets the requirements of search engines, it will occupy a leading position in the search results. You should also keep in mind that the criteria and requirements of search engine algorithms change frequently. You need to "keep abreast" all the time to get your site placed in the Top 10.

  • Why do you need long texts on the website?

    According to the long texts the search engines understand what the page is about, if it is interesting for users, if it is unique, and if it is necessary to show this very page to people in the first place. Unique texts on the website are a significant criterion in search results, so we recommend giving them a special importance.

  • Why has the whole month passed, and my site has not been in the first place yet?

    In order to make your site reach the first place, you should deserve the trust of search engines, meet the criteria of their algorithms. To do this, you must do a huge amount of both internal and external work on the site and wait for the search engines to see it, index it and "appreciate" it.