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Penetration testing

Best penetration testing Dubai

Penetration testing - a set of procedures aimed at ensuring the stable operation of the web application, data safety and risk reduction. The motivation of hackers may be different - it's bragging, search benefits both for themselves and working for the "order" of competitors.

Site PEN-analysis - most powerful way for data protection of the resource, which can be used by criminals for attacking and hacking. As a rule, these works include such activities as the scanning, manual analysis of its content, search and identification of errors in the logic of scripts and components.

penetration testing dubai

A comprehensive audit can help significantly increase the safety of the site. Usually, it includes the following steps:

  • Server components;
  • Remote execution of arbitrary code;
  • Injection (code injection);
  • Attempts to bypass the authentication system;
  • «XSS» / «CSRF»;
  • Attempts to intercept privileged accounts (or accounts of the session);
  • Attempts Remote File Inclusion / Local File Inclusion;
  • Redirecting to other sites and open redirects;
  • Scan directories and files, using brute force ;
  • Analysis of search forms, registration forms, login forms, etc .;
  • Possibility of obtaining confidential and sensitive data;
  • The introduction of XML-entities;
  • Selection of passwords.

A company’s portal is its important asset, regardless of what functions it performs. You can use it for e-commerce, communication with suppliers and customers, for the increase of sales and maintenance of your customers’ loyalty. Based on this, your portal must work stably and smoothly. It can be possible only if you pay attention to the safety of your resource, namely to the penetration testing.

Penetration testing Dubai

Protection of web applications is the most important issue for a business, which is in contact with the Internet. Security has been considered of the second importance, giving a priority to spectacular design and ease of use by applying the impressive technologies "Web 2.0". Many companies still do not understand the importance of Pen testing and its role.

penetration testing

Problems often carried out only post factum after it has already been hacked, marked in the search results as malicious and removed from its positions. Traffic to the portal drops to the minimal indices, clients and staff alert that the website is infected with viruses. To avoid hacking, regular security audits are needed and experts’ recommendations should be strictly followed.

Audit for vulnerabilities will be held by checking its resistance to the combined methods of attacks. Installation of the newest updates is not enough to prevent your web application from hacking on popular CMS. It is required to delete old accounts, check relevance of plug-ins, extensions and modules, pay attention to service scripts and hosting adjustment. The whole range of such services composes the whole website security analysis.

After we’ve finished work - the client receives a detailed report and recommendations on their correction. All works are carried out strictly according to a non-disclosure agreement.

We offer a preliminary assessment of threats to your web application protection. Owner of the portal will obtain the information on vulnerable and potentially vulnerable services, as well as information about the possible vectors of attacks. The offer is available for commercial sites. Decision to conduct the initial audit is considered individually. BetterWeb – leading penetration testing Dubai studio!

Penetration testing Dubai - is a proactive measure that allows to obtain an adequate assessment of the protection of the company's resources, complete information on the vulnerabilities found, possible scenarios and recommendations for their elimination. It is, in fact, not an event but an ongoing process to ensure the security of business processes of the company site, preservation of goodwill, economic growth and business development.

Don’t wait until your website will be attacked - order a comprehensive penetration testing from the professionals.

Be secured and protected with BetterWeb Solutions!

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