Basic tags are supported for Wikitext fields in the system. Table 1. Supported wiki tags. Format, Wiki tag. Headers.

Interchange Transaction Tag Or Tag. The details of an Interchange Transaction required for its physical implementation.

Tag Name 20 Transaction reference number 23B Bank operation code 32A Value date / currency / interbank settled 33B Currency / original ordered amount 50A, F or K Ordering customer (payer) or address of the remitter. 52A or D Ordering institution (payer’s bank) 53A, B or D Sender’s correspondent (bank) 54A, B or D Receiver’s correspondent (bank)

DMARC technology is best-suited for transactional emails and semi-transactional.

The "fo" tag allows the domain owner to control the conditions under which.

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The 4-character numeric Transaction Currency Code contains the currency code of the transaction according to ISO 4217. Example (decimal value) = 840 TLV = 5F2A020840. TRANSACTION DATE: 9A: M: The 6-character numeric Transaction Date contains the local date used to generate the cryptogram. The Transaction Date is in the format YYMMDD.

Tag, TAG, or tagging could refer to: Contents. 1 Identification and tracking; 2 Arts, entertainment.

Against Genocide, a peace organization; Transaction Account Guarantee Program, a program of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation,